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Run a video, dvd, or blu-ray rental store? Why not more easily manage your reservations and bookings as well as increase sales by using our online reservation system? Our online video reservation system allows customers to use an online booking calendar to make their reservations. Everything is managed online and easily. You can view bookings, inventory, orders, and bill customer's credit cards. Sales Igniter Rental System Features::

  • Reservation system for online bookings
  • Customer management including their credit cards stored securely
  • Admin booking system for creating orders from the admin side using a calendar
  • Complete Video Rental Solution
  • Rental Queue management
  • Sell DVDs, blu-rays, or other products online and rent them too
  • Marketing system using social media and email newsletters
  • Very powerful E-commerce backend. Our rental system extends the already powerful Magento shopping cart
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"I told my web developers that this program is awesome and that for other businesses who inquire they should really give you guys a looksie before spending thousands elsewhere. This rental system has been a lifesaver for me. It's been working perfectly..absolutely perfectly..."
“I had been searching for a company to assist me with my project for quite some time. This extension filled my needs with a user friendly rental software solution to help manage my business. Kevin and staff made the transition process painless with their amazing customer service and product knowledge. I am completely happy with my Rental Hire Calendar Booking System Inventory Management software. Thank you Sales Igniter for a great experience!!"
“Our company does sound production and rentals. Before this software became available, we tried pretty much every SAAS option and other online rental solution out there hoping it would work for us... Once we found this one, all of our needs were filled. It was a huge relief to know that high quality online rental software exists in an affordable package. Highly recommended!!"
"I have been working with Sales Igniter for almost 2 yearsnow. It's a professional team who understands specific needs quite well and who are keen to make the product evolve based on requirements. My tool is now exactly as I wanted initially, powerful, easy to use and reliable. Thanks to the team."
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